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Quick Start Guide

Thanks to Lynn Evans for the below "Quick Start Guide!" Lynn is an active participant on the BARD Talk list (click on the Subscribe link to join), offering consistent and helpful instructions to many list members.

This brief guide should help new users especially. For more in depth help, please visit the FAQ page.

Charge Your Player & Investigate The Keys

Plug your player into an electrical outlet to fully charge the battery. Wile the battery is charging you can do the following:

You will want to learn the various keys and their functions. So try out the describer mode feature. With no cartridge or flash drive in the player power on the player by pressing down the round shaped power button. When activated you should hear a beep followed by: "power on, press any button to learn about its function."

It may be a bit tricky to power off the player in key describer mode. You may need to hold down the power button for a few seconds to get the player to shut down. Alternatively you could insert a cartridge in the cartridge slot.

Access the Built-in User's Guide

There is an onboard user guide that can be accessed two ways depending on the type of player you have.

The standard player has eight key functions. To activate the user guide for the standard player do the following: With the power on hold down the play stop key until you hear "standard user guide". To move out of standard user guide mode press and hold down the play stop key again.

The advanced player has thirteen key functions that include a row of five keys just above the crescent shaped sleep key. These five keys allow the user to select navigation levels, and place bookmarks in your books. To activate the user guide for the advanced player do the following: With the power on, hold down the info key until you hear "advanced user guide". To move out of advanced user guide mode, press and hold down the info key again.

Check The firmware version for bookshelf feature

With firmware version 2.1.0 NLS has provided a bookshelf feature that allows the user to place more then one book on a cartridge or flash drive. You will want to check the firmware version of your player. With the power on and no cartridge or thumb/flash drive in the player, rapidly press the sleep key 10 times or until you hear the serial number followed by the firmware version. Press any other key to quiet the player. If the version is less than 2.1.0 then you will need to update the player if you want the bookshelf feature.

Updating the player's firmware

Instructions for updating the firmware can be found on the FAQ page. Refer to question/answer #5.

Man reading using the NLS DTBM this section is available for free! If you are aware of an item of interest, send me a note at: Thanks!